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Hey everyone, i just wanted to say hi. Um, i guess i'll tell you guys something about myself. My name is Sade, i live in michigan, and i'm getting a new bike this summer. I was wondering if anyone had a good mx conditioning.
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hey peeps. i'm from md. im 15.i ride a CR85 and im gettin a CR250F soon. yeah! check out my homepage at peace!
My name is Emily and I race mx! I race a 85cc Kawasaki down at Muddy Creek, TN. (I don't know if you know where it is!) It is the closest track to where I live. Just thought I'd post a message since you are a mx girl.

Hey! Omg it’s so nice to noe anther girl that races Mx! Your a smart on to! lol CHAD REED is sexy!!! ahhhh!! lol this goes to you and all the other girls that race. there is a series race called SJO Productions. it is kind of like the pro A.M.A deal. but its all amateur’s and there all different classes. I raced there for the wow 12+ Up (woman on wheels) class. I got second over all. And it is really good for conditioning for outdoors. You learn a lot of things and all the tracks are made the day before the races. So they’re fresh and groomed. Also all the tracks are located in fair grounds. So there’s mostly always an event happening aside from racing. Like carnies and 4h stuff! Its super fun and I’m trying to get more girls to race this year for it. So if you want to check out when the races are and were there at go to and click schedule! I hope to see some of you girls there this year. Comment back if you want more information.

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yeah i went to the monroe one this year. I got first in the girls and third in the 125 novice class. They're pretty fun. Like arenacross. :D
Really! Awesome! Im stuck on my 80 getting a 125 soooon! Yey! Well great job! You should come back this year and race it! Thad me awesome! Everyone likes Monroe! Tee Hee! If you do make sure you talk to me... #171 Alicia Sherry! lol Woop!


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July 10 2005, 19:00:29 UTC 11 years ago

:D Thanks! That's cool... I hope you like your 125 when you get it. We are planning on coming back this year. It's basically becoming like a tradition. hehe. I'll make sure to talk to you if I see you there. :D ttyl